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           Zi Xiu Tang bee pollen capsules are a safe, all natural, easy way to lose weight ! This herbal weight loss pill has many different benefits including body reshaping, natural energy, cleansing, natural feeling energy and increased metabolism !! Active ingredients penetrate deep into the bodys cells and burn fat out of the body. This formula focuses on burning away fat from the waist, stomach, booty, face and neck. It makes the body more symmetrical and tight.
         People frequently ask if there is a specific diet or if daily exercise is needed to achieve results. The answer is NO ! Zi Xiu Tang is a food friendly diet, with the exception of drinking lots of water ! Going to the gym will speed up the weight loss results but it is not necessary. Imagine taking two pills every morning and losing weight without even trying !!
Two Pills & Drink A LOT of Water !! It's that easy !!
-Please be aware of counterfeit/imitation products.. All resellers of this product have to sell at the same price. There is one manufacturer of this product and one person in the USA who has a contract with them. Therefore, everyone has a set standard price system.  
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